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Breakfast with heart.

Moin at Hotel St. Annen

Love goes through the stomach, and this is also the case here. The breakfast is absolutely exceptional and handmade, almost exclusively regional and organic quality - egg dishes in all forms are prepared a la minute. Of course, our breakfast team also regularly cooks the jam themselves. Best products – for by far the best guests in the world!

Served with Heart & Love: Breakfast with regional and organic products

Start your morning with an exceptional breakfast. We mainly use regional and organic products, including fresh milk directly from Milchhof-Reitbrook in Hamburg, weekly deliveries of eggs from Eier Seidel in Ellerbeck and a selection of delicious organic cheese from Hamburger Käselager. Our filter coffee also comes from the Hamburg organic-certified coffee roasting company Torrefaktum. Enjoy the perfect start to the day with our carefully selected, high-quality foods and products.

„ What nicer thing can you do for somebody

than make them breakfast."

— Anthony Bourdain 

Gluten / lactose free
or vegan

Breads & Rolls, spreads or lactose-free dairy products. There is a wide selection for everyone.

Organic Coffee & Tea

Freshly brewed coffee from the Hamburg organic certified coffee roasting company Torrefaktum.

Our ORGANIC tea comes directly from the coast from Trink Meer Tee.

Organic Cheese

 Selection of different types of cheese from Hamburger Käse Lager (HKL).

Organic Eggs and
Milk from the farm

Fresh milk directly from Milchhof-Reitbrook in Hamburg and weekly deliveries of organic eggs from Eier Seidel in Ellerbeck.

Breakfast with love for our region

At our Hotel St. Annen we attach great importance to regional suppliers to offer you an authentic and sustainable breakfast experience. Our “Eiermann” supplies us with fresh eggs every week from Ellerbeck, northwest of Hamburg. The milk for your coffee and muesli comes directly from Milchhof-Reitbrook in Hamburg, while our cold cuts are sourced from Metzgers Manufaktur in Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Das Hotel St. Annen entdecken

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